conejo Valley Transit: Getting People To The Healthcare They Need

“Healthcare in America is not a privilege for a few, it is a right for everyone”
— Barack Obama

The Conejo Valley Transit Pledge

3.6 Million Americans miss or delay medical care because they lack appropriate transportation to their appointments. Learn more about our commitment to bridging that gap and helping customers just like you get to the healthcare they need.

Conejo Valley Transit is one of the most sought after non-emergency medical transportation providers in Southern California because of our unyielding commitment to excellence. With our combined 20+ years of experience in the healthcare industry, we know how to meet our customers at the point of their needs. Conejo Valley Transit believes the recipe for excellent customer service is a passion for helping others and a desire to get it right. Specializing in healthcare means that we are devoted to our customers and making their lives more convenient by getting them to the healthcare they need.


Our Services

We are not just a transportation company, we are game changers. With three levels of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) and Non-Medical Transportation (NMT) services, we help our customers achieve victory over immobility.

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Rate Schedule

We strive to provide safe and reliable transportation for every single customer. However we understand that NEMT and NMT can be a huge financial burden for some families, therefore we offer flexible payment plans, so you can receive the service you trust.

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We are always looking for dedicated professionals to join the Conejo Valley Transit team.

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We are committed to providing our Customers with superior Quality medical transportation.

— Cindy Kemakolam, Director of Operations


A 5-Star Service

Exceptional customer service is our mission and we love the opportunity to hear from our customers. As a part of our continued effort to provide a 5-star service experience we conduct a transit satisfaction survey that let’s our customers tell it like it is.